Accademia Italiana Baristi

Mese: Aprile 2020


Our 5 day intensive “Born to be a Barista” coffee training is designed to teach you all the skills you need to start working in the coffee industry! High quality equipment and experienced and passionate trainers are a MUST for us.

If you have no experience and knowledge about coffee, by the end of our course, you will be ready to be part of the coffee professionals. If you are already a barista, you will have the chance to improve your skills, became a coffee master and progress in your barista career.

This is a high quality training designed to become a professional, learning about every coffee aspect. You will understand the concept of extraction for both espresso and alternative brewing methods and you will be able to make coffee recipes with any of these methods, exactly like a Coffee Master Chef!

Like a coffee expert, you will taste coffees, you will make a sensory evaluation and change your recipes in accordance with your taste in order to highlight the fragrance and aroma of your coffee in the best way.

Like a painter you will learn the art of making your drinks beautiful : the Latte Art.

At the end of your full immersion training, you will not be the same!


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